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AuroraMC Network
Online Store

Welcome to the AuroraMC Store!

Here is the place to find all of our ranks and other items for purchase

Every purchase helps fund our network and we appreciate every penny.

If you have any issues with purchases, please don't hesitate to create a support ticket!


To see our full refund policy, please see our Terms of Service. But in short, depends on the scenario but most of the time the answer is no.

Please wait at least a couple of hours for the item to appear in-game. If after a couple of hours have passed and you haven't received your item, you can then create a support ticket at

Please provide some form of proof of your purchase. For example, a screenshot of your confirmation email.

A member of our support team can then check your account to see what's happened with your purchase, and verify that it is successfully activated in-game.

A full feature list of each rank can be found on the ranks category, where our rank table will show you the differences between the different ranks.

For queries about our store, please contact our Support team via a support ticket here.